Dunstans was founded in 1950 by George Dunstan and his son Ray (Murray’s father) when they bought a 1945 Ford truck to cart red gum logs. Four years later, Dunstans built their own red gum sawmill at the same location of their current head office at 12 Newman Street Wangaratta, Victoria. In 1956, the earthmoving side of the business took shape when the father and son team purchased what was their first Caterpillar D6 bulldozer.

In 1995, Ray’s son Murray acquired the business from his father, with Ray to this day still taking enjoyment in watching the business in which he helped to create, continue to grow.

In mid 2019, in line with Dunstans long term growth and succession strategy, CFC Group acquired shares in Dunstans. Throughout the company’s changes, growth and expansion, today Dunstans remains true to the family values and intrepid spirit of its foundation.

Dunstans primarily service the oil and gas, infrastructure, mining & forestry sectors providing a range of innovative services.

Dunstans’ modern fleet of forestry equipment operates mainly throughout Victoria and southern New South Wales, processing more than 250,000 tons of timber annually while maintaining rigorous safety standards.

Dunstans have become an Australian leader in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), successfully completing significant large and small HDD crossings across Australia. Our highly respected HDD team includes some of the most knowledgeable, talented and experienced leaders in the industry.

Dunstans also has a strong track record of bringing innovation and leadership to construction projects.  Dunstans is one of Australasia’s most skilled ploughing contractors, renowned for its expertise and the capacity to provide fully integrated engineering and construction solutions.

Dunstans engineering facility services the Forestry and Projects fleet. The facility has the capability to engineer and fabricate specialised equipment to the highest quality standards; from zero-tension ploughs, to drill fluid recycling systems and custom down hole drilling tooling.

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