Redstar works with the Queensland Fire Service

by on 17th November 2016

It’s not often that the Queensland Fire Service needs help but when they do Redstar’s Service Manager Chris Schloss is the first person they call! Well that is when they need assistance with their generators of course…

In order to avoid upsetting the new neighbours, the staff at a QLD fire station called Redstar to ask for a solution for a noisy generator. The problem was that the fire station was in the middle of a new residential building development and there was concern about future noise complaints. Standard doors were originally installed on the room that didn’t block out the noise of the generator. It was also very difficult to refuel with the QLD fire service staff and volunteers bending over excessively.

Redstar’s solution was to supply and fit a new customised generator with a modified base frame and fuel tank assembly. They finalized this installation with the inclusion of new manufactured sound attenuated doors (silencing the generator room).

The QLD fire service was so pleased with the prototype that Redstar will now be retrofitting a number of their existing generators at other stations. Chris has already developed a schedule to complete the remodels; the parts and materials have been ordered and installation will commence in a couple of weeks’ time with an expectation to have the work finalised in 6-8 weeks.