CEA Responds to COVID-19 Challenges

by on 14th May 2020

In a time when business as we know it has changed dramatically and the term ‘social distancing’ has become more common than ‘hello’ it is understandable that conducting business during these uncertain times can be a challenge and leave people wondering how will we manage our everyday tasks that have previously required a great deal of human interaction?

The CEA team has taken this opportunity to review the way machine handovers are conducted and found ways to not only make sure we still deliver machines safely, and on time but that we can maintain safe work practices that ensure customers still receive an extensive and personalised machine handover on delivery of their new machine.

This involves a series of filmed sessions, relevant to each model of machine, that includes a personalised overview of key features and benefits and highlights the important safety features and processes that operators should adhere to.  This then provides a useful tool for large customers running fleets that have multiple operators for any given machine, providing content that is accurate and can be built in to a user’s induction process throughout the life of the machine.

The team have also taken to conducting training and sales meetings in a live format via online tools, that incorporate a mix of online live interaction, and pre-recorded machine walk arounds. This has allowed CEA to not only continue but evolve during these unique times. Feedback from customers and the salesforce has been extremely positive around the evolution and many of the processes and platforms that have been introduced during COVID-19 will remain as part of our engagement with our team and customers going forward.