Centurion, Ramco partnership aims to deliver innovation

by on 11th February 2016

Centurion and Ramco, a global leader in pipe care excellence, have formed a strategic partnership aimed at securing a foothold in Western Australia’s multi-million dollar tubular management market.

The partnership brings together Ramco’s technical expertise with Centurion’s supply chain and logistics capability.

As part of the partnership a new semi-automated pipe care unit (PCU3) has been commissioned by Ramco at Centurion’s new Gap Ridge facility in Karratha.

The PCU Type 3 is a state of the art internal and external cleaning and treatment of Oil & gas tubular for the industry.

The plant is considered to be the only automated plant of its type in Australia leading to improved cleaning, significant efficiencies during processing and costs reductions.

The PCU Type 3 will be operated by Ramco while Centurion will look after transport logistics, handling and supply base capability for the pipe.

Centurion Executive General Manager Justin Cardaci said the partnership was a unique opportunity for both companies.

“This is an exciting venture for Centurion because it allows us to combine our business’ core capabilities with Ramco’s technical expertise to produce what we believe is a safer, low cost, more efficient and higher quality way of processing OCTG pipe.

“This is at a time when oil and gas companies are looking to markedly reduce their costs,” Mr Cardaci said.

Ramco CEO Derek Smith said the strategic partnership was a perfect platform for Ramco to enter the Australian market.

“We bring 30 years’ worth of international experience to this partnership as well as state of the art technology, having processed and inspected more than 6 million joints worldwide”.