Centurion BHP Airfreight Unload

by on 16th October 2020

On the 11th of September 2020, Centurion undertook a transport requirement for BHP Petroleum. The requirement was a very valuable and urgent component necessary for an offshore rig. The component was dispatched from the US and flown directly from Singapore into Port Hedland. Centurion has extensive experience with these movements, however this particular requirement added some layers of complexity.

The first being security clearance of COVID-19 tarmac controls. This process was new to Centurion but with great collaboration and guidance by airport management, Centurion was able to comply and exceed expectations.

Additionally, the outer crated skin had to be removed prior to the aircraft loading in Singapore as it was not deemed suitable to restrain in the event of lost gravity during flight. Thankfully for Centurion’s professionalism in identifying the potential repackaging issues on arrival, the team ensured immediate action was required whilst the aircraft was still grounded.

Through great collaboration between all parties, the team were able to identify potential risks and implement controls to mitigate concerns regarding the packaging integrity of the components. All of which complied with Centurion’s fit for transport processes.