Big Queensland move reinforces Centurion’s local capability

by on 11th August 2017

Centurion’s Queensland heavy haulage team has been in action again with the move of this massive Liebherr 996 mining excavator from Brisbane to the Bowen Basin.

When assembled, this excavator is around 10 metres high, 8 metres wide, 24 metres long and weighs in at a massive 676 tonnes.

The excavator was shipped part by part because of its size. Transport for a machine of this size requires hours of detailed logistics planning to ensure a safe and successful move.

The multiple 1,000km plus trips, which took more than 12 hours each, were completed without a hitch.

Centurion prides itself on the safe and reliable movement of goods across Australia and has specialised heavy haulage equipment capable of carrying loads in excess of 200 tonnes.

With experience in the resources, energy and civil construction industries Centurion is the leading heavy haulage provider across Australia.

Thanks to Nickolas Bantouvakis at Working iT Pilots for sharing this great video of the move.