CFC Group is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, professionalism and integrity. Under the direction of its Board, the Group continues to strengthen its commitment to good corporate governance and ensure that its policies and practices meet and exceed compliance obligations.

The Board’s primary role is the protection and enhancement of long-term shareholder value. It is accountable for the overall corporate governance of the consolidated entity, including its strategic direction. It has the authority and the responsibility to determine organisational guidelines and regulate the affairs of the business.

Furthermore, the Board conceives relevant policies, practices and procedures, which deal with, for example, effective risk management and statutory compliance. It is also accountable for attracting and retaining a suitably qualified management team and maintaining the Group’s corporate reputation with all stakeholders.

The Board supports the doctrine of effective corporate governance and is committed to adopting the highest standards of performance and accountability, commensurate with the size of the Group and its available resources. Accordingly, the Board has adopted corporate governance principles and practices designed to promote the responsible management and conduct of Group business.

The documents that govern us are:

CFC Group – Whistleblower Protection Policy

CFC Group – Whistleblower Submission Form

CFC Group  – Modern Slavery Policy