The CFC Group

CFC is an un-listed diversified investment group with interests in distribution, logistics, mining services, property, and infrastructure. Committed to delivering superior return-on-funds over the medium-to-long term, the organisation adds value to operations through financial strength, managerial expertise and innovative thinking.

How we do it

With unwavering commitment to long-term results, CFC Group has developed into an active investor with an efficient, disciplined, and highly-focused business model and culture. Each of its business units is well managed and positioned for sustainable growth. Furthermore, economics of scale, scope and substantial portfolio diversity, allow for a significant reduction in risk factors.

CFC Group continually innovates to maximise asset utilisation, and the independent management teams at each business unit have consistently outperformed industry benchmarks and produced significant returns on investment across time. CFC believes these results derive from empowering its high-calibre team members to make the decisions that make a difference.

Why we do it

CFC Group believes driving superior, sustainable returns on its investments provides improved social and economic outcomes for employees, shareholders, and communities.

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